Drop RPG is an idle RPG game for you to test your luck and your strategy.


  • Every battle you get an item;
  • The items can stack until 5. For each additional item of the same name it gains more 10% of the stats;
  • After every battle you lost 10 of your max HP, this is the challenge!
  • Each map has a boss, you have to defeat him to go to the next map;
  • When you died, you can restart with all your equipaments, but level 1 again (there and back);
  • Different statuses to vary battles;
  • Your game is constantly saved;
  • and more, play and you will see ;)

My first jam, I hope you enjoy :D

The game is not completed and has only 2 bosses, unfortunately I didn't have time to finish.


All the assets are from CraftPix (I have a subscription).

The soundtracks are from https://stephanef.itch.io/music-for-roleplaying-vol1.

Sound of attack by qubodup.


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assuming there is only 2 maps? beat the chimera like 20 times but no more maps.  otherwise it was fun, i like the equipment management :D

Hi, yes, its has only 2 maps. I made the game for a jam and didn't had time to improve it. I'm glad you liked, thanks for the feedback.

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