In this game you have to slow the transmission of a radiation disease between people inside a build. You have to use the tools you have and manage to end the game with the least number of infected.

There are a online leaderboard to increase the fun and compete with others players.


Only use the mouse.


Doors: You can close the doors to prevent the passage for 5 seconds.

Cop: You can put 1 cop per time. The cop kills 3 people and the he can get contaminated too.

Med: The med can cure 1 person every 5 seconds. He can't be infected.

Slow Bomb: Slow the velocity of every person that entries the area. Lasts 5 seconds each.

Vaccine: The launch of the vaccine is the end of the game. Everyone who hasn't been infected is saved.

In this game I tried a double challenge, make 1 game for 2 game jams. I hope you enjoy.

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